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It's a vibe. It's a movement. It's a way of life.

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Who are we?

A platform with unlimited possibilities and your onestop shop for all your marketing needs.

We are a Media House providing a platform for brands, social events and companies, with content that captures the nature of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle that appeals to the general population.

Hyping? Activation? Event Covereage? We’ve got you covered!

We evaluate each client and propose specific stratergies that drive towards set goals. We also offer services that are not included on the list as well.

Event Hyping

A Specific Social Media advertising and
marketing plan designed to aggressively
build interest in the market

Social Frenzy

Using Social media to create a
base of awareness and interaction
in the market

Event Coverage

Documentation of an event using
photography and videography,
capturing essential aspects and creating
fresh Vibe content

Brand Activation

An interaction with your targeted
audience, bringing the brand to its
compatible lifestyle within the market

Movement Creation

A long-term Marketing and
Advertising plan aimed at cementing
a brand into the market.


Weekly Posts on Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle.


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