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Who Are We

The new generation in entertainment and media

SA Reality vibe is your one-stop-shop for all things entertainment in South Africa. We bring you top stories on everything entertainment; politics; current affairs and event gig guides. Our biggest success in in capturing diversity and embracing the unique cultures that make us who we are as a country. 

Writer’s Block

writer’s block
/ˌrʌɪtəz ˈblɒk/
the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. “ 
                                                         All writers can tell you that they have reached a point where they couldnt put words to context; it happens to the best of us but when we do overcome this stage we create magic

I am NOT Depressed

In light of self misdiagnosis on depression by a lot of my peers, I wrote this piece with hopes that I could reach out to someone’s soul.

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Alert level 1

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country will be moving to alert level 1, but what does it mean for the regular South African? Alert level 1 means, with consideration[…]

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Self Preservation

The term self-preservation means doing what is best for your well being in everything you do; like hydrating or having a clean diet. It also means being able to know[…]

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What’s Vibing

We believe everyone is different, so why should our vibe be limited? We cater to your individual need so tell us what you want and we will bend over backwards to provide it. SA Reality Vibe knows what you need and we bring you the best New Generation Entertainment in the country. 


Embracing SA music industry with up and coming artist and radio personalities. We follow the different journeys of everyone looking for their big break. We will be looking at what is new in SA music and where the next vibe is in musical and radio trends. 



Television has shaped the way we look at the entertainment industry. From TV and games shows, to music channels and even kids entertainment, we all want to catch up whats new. We bring you the latest TV trends that are current and happening. Join Vibe SA TV for our own original home grown content. Coming Soon.


Social Trends

Social media has become the place to find everything these days. Whether you want to know about what happening in the country or just want to get news on your favourite artist or tv personality, this is the place for you. We bring you all the latest updates circulating the social grapevine. Why visit all platforms when you get get it all-in-one?


Top Trending 

We all know and love the feeling of waking up in the morning and having new top stories fall onto our laps; join the conversation and hang onto the grapevine. Here we bring you current, real time tweets. Hit the Follow button for more.

We’re celebrating young, brave and creative African people this Youth Day. After filming three top South African creators in food, fashion and art, we need #ALittleSomethingSomething from you: tell us who your top up-and-coming African creators are, so we can show them some love!

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We came, we saw, we conquered

Every year we at SA Reality Vibe, go out and look for the true South African identity. Looking back at June 16th 2020 we visited Vilakazi street to look for a day filled with vibrant energies and shared brilliant cultural experiences. 

Are you an artists looking to show people your work?


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