16 Days of Activism

In a survey conducted across 27 universities in the United States in 2015, A total of 23% of undergraduate university female students reported having experienced sexual assault/misconduct.

In a multi-country study from the Middle East and North Africa, between 40 – 60% of women said they had experienced street based sexual harassment.

The 16 days of activism was started in 1991 as a worldwide campaign to oppose violence against women and children. It aims to stop acts of violence amongst many others that take place against women and children all over the world. From 25th November – 10th December every year.

The rights of women and children are fundamental human rights that are protected by our national constitution. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the negative impact that violence and abuse has on women and children and to rid society of abuse permanently.

Gender-based abuse and child violence in all its different forms devalues human dignity and the self-worth of the abused individual. Whether physical, sexual or emotional, these acts of abuse stem from the low-key status realm for women at home and in society. It also happens when men abuse power and position of authority in order to control women and children.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds for NGOs that provide invaluable support to the victims and survivors of violence and to also engage actively with men and boys in the discourse about combating violence in our homes, communities and in the workplace.

One can help this campaign by

-Breaking the cycle of violence

-Breaking the silence

-Knowing your rights &

-Acting against abuse

The success of the campaign rests on the society’s individual and collective actions to safeguard our communities against perpetrators of these offences to change their behaviour.


Rethabile Khunyeli


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