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Alert level 1

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Alert level 1

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country will be moving to alert level 1, but what does it mean for the regular South African?

Alert level 1 means, with consideration to precautions and health guidelines, normal activity can resume. However, no individual is permitted to be outside their home during the hours of 12:00 to 04:00am. The use of masks is compulsory.

Why Alert Level 1?

My biggest question right now is, “why the move to Alert level 1?” when clearly as a country we are not ready. Why do I say we are not ready? We are unable to abide by any rules set out by our corrupt government because they don’t follow their own rules. We are like children who do not listen to their parents because the parents are not leading by example. The entire country is disregarding anything the government has to say.

Not all South Africans are contributing to this disobedience. Some are doing their part in keeping the people around them safe by following regulations. Some are even looking forward to the dispatch or the vaccine while others are skeptical about it. The last born child in the family with their unprecedented behavior, the alcoholics. They do not care or even sympathy for healthcare workers; they contribute to the number of trauma cases that flood the emergency rooms in our hospitals with their careless behavior. Engaging in the sharing of beverages and cigarettes while drunk driving. These practices put them at risk of contracting the virus and taking it back home where there are vulnerable individuals like children and the elderly. Could it be the government’s tool to get citizens to take the vaccine?

Social media went abuzz with the announcement of alert level one; join the conversation and let us know if you think we were ready to move to level 1 or is it a ploy from the government to push through the vaccine?

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