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Autumn winds and colors are the coolest …

Autumn winds and colors are the coolest …

Autumn, also known as fall is the season between Summer and Winter. During this time the winds become cooler and plants become dormant. Compared to other seasons, it is very short and prepares us for Winter with its cool weather forecasts.

As the seasons change it is only natural for all fashionistas to try and keep up with what’s what. Since the fashion industry is so vast, there are quite a lot of factors to look at when picking up trends: things like what celebrities are into; the climate we are exposed to and the influence of the creative exploration “what people will wear “. The runway plays a major role in what hits the market and what we take to the streets. Colors and leading garment groups for winter slowly emerge in autumn. That is where the excitement comes out and all kinds of trendy styles are brought to life. Fashionistas start to change their wardrobes from summer pieces to heavier articles. Accessories like scarves and bennies together with makeup and hairstyles help to accentuate bold fashion statements. There is a style for every season.

Women’s wear 2019/2019 colors and trends

Butterscotch yellow: who says autumn should be dormant as it’s leaves?! seasons change so as the approach and habits, a little color to lighten up streets

Red is seductive and warm. We will see a lot of this color in the streets as women begin to be more daring and fearless. .This color also suggests confidence.

Olive Green is a clean and calm colt bringing about calmness and comfort …This color brings hope, solitude, and confidence

Men’s wear autumn trends and colors 2019/2020

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