Black Tax

Black tax, White privilege

Our Rainbow Nation is divided by a barrier as rigid as the Berlin Wall, built by past horrors and fueled by the false sense of progression that politicians thrive to paint in the media. The reality of the divide is too evident to ignore in the sense that it relates to the lives of every individual seeking success.

On the one side, we have people who are trapped in a rut caused by obligations to their family’s well-being while possibly being the only bread-winners. The little money they get is used to soften the aftermath of the apartheid regime rather than to begin cycles of generational wealth. However, there are those who are fortunate enough to have found a way to escape the claws of poverty; but the epidemic still lingers for almost half the population, mostly people of colour, are still impoverished. Their backgrounds still influence their transition into this newly found wealth that could be lost at a snap of a finger.

On the other side, the grass seems much greener. This is where milk and honey are not a commodity. Money is used more as a tool of architecture than one of survival. Young adults have the privilege of not having to worry about their family’s financial needs and would rather focus on continuing the cycle of leaving solid legacies.
This Great Wall of Wealth that has been erected in the soul of our society continues to rip apart the spirit of Ubuntu to which we owe our unity.

By Lebogang Mashego

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