Boys in the Hood

It’s no lie that on a day-to-day basis, we see male figures who we admire in our communities. I have had the privilege of having quick word with a few boys I follow on social media and in real life which led to a compilation of a passage named Boys in the Hood. Looking into their basic lives we get to learn that the average joes are not all the same, not to mention how our society classified men as trash. I am not one to ever use that phrase as I am surrounded by people who have been raised well so to say, (if they have been or are trash, all I can say is that I mind my business enough not to know this about them.)


Here is a glance into young, vibrant characters that are all unique in their own way and have different aspirations in life but still remain:



Real Name: Rorisang 

Nickname: Shady

Age: 24

Location: Hammanskraal and Pretoria


Hustle: Engineering student

In this lifetime I’m gonna get a Chemical Engineering PhD (call me Doc) and become one of the greatest engineers to have ever come out of Hammanskraal





                                  Real Name: Deny

Nickname: Deny VanRoss

Age: Unknown.

Born: Somewhere in Maputo.

Hustle: Middleman “Plug”, sell anything that Brings in Quick Money.

In this lifetime I’m very close













Name: Kgosietsile Koapeng

Nickname/AKA: Kgosi

Age: 26

Location: Born in Joburg and currently in Zambia

Hustle: Grinding for that second degree

In this lifetime: I am an anomaly because I am student of life as I see the world as my classroom, and I learn by getting out of my comfort zone to experience new things. I seek new opportunities by embracing the conservative student life through academia and with that combination I see myself becoming a pioneer, -hopefully in the business tech world




Real Name: Lindokuhle Mazibuko

Nickname: Malindela

Age: 21

Location: Born in KwaZulu Natal and currently residing in Johannesburg

In this lifetime I am currently studying in college. It may be a simple answer, but I see myself doing a lot of things to even mention 

Real Name: Mbulelo Shabane

Nickname/AKA: Sizwe Jetson

Age: 28

Location: Born in Durban Living in Cape Town

Hustle: Investment Officer

In this lifetime I am the guy who brings capital to businesses. I see myself being one of the top venture capitalists in the world and funding the most innovative ideas from Silicon Valley to China

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