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Brand Activation

Driving people to your Brand helps your to Drive your Brand

Brand activation is an interaction with your audience by bringing your brand to their doorstep. Think of it as “experimental marketing”. You get to attract the attention of your current and potential audience towards your brand. Building an experience and documenting it brings you one step closer to creating a livelihood around your brand. We assist you in exploring other avenues of interacting with your audience.

Branded & Activated

Get to know how we make your life easy when we are tasked with getting your brand into the market. Here are some of the common strategies used to advance knowledge around your brand.

Data collection

Apart from trying to tap into new markets, brand activation can also be used as a data collection medium in which you try to find out what your biggest audience wants and needs from your brand. The greatest critics of a brand are its users and by signing up with Vibe SA, you are asking for analytics that will help to grow your brand in the right direction.

Social Media Presence

How else do people get to find out information if they spend less time watching televition or reading newspapers? We tap into the worldwide web to get your brand activation the amount of views and audience it needs by posting on the spot on the day of the activities. 


All moments are always better when captured as they happen. We do not recreate moments but we capture them raw. Delivering these visuals to you as a client is also important, hence we take meticulous care in editing and triming the content before it makes its way to you. 

Digital Content Creation

Physical activations do come in handy for direct interaction with your audience but the next best thing to that is the digital use of all the content created during those activations. We find and use creative ways to target the audience that could not be present physically. This helps us spread your content acoss social media channels.

Redifine your brand. Build your own audience.