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Why not be stupid in making life decisions?

My all-time favourite comedic actor, Jim Carrey, once joked: “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” How laced with honesty, as all the best jokes are. Basically, if the male is the head then his lady slaps sense back into it. But as young people out in the world, we don’t always…
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Mother Figure

She is a housewife. You should see her with a knife. She is a single mom. Oh what she can do for her son. She is a graduate. She walks like a syndicate She is a giver. And also a lover. She is a hustler. She knows that bread needs butter. She has dreams. Admire…
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Are you doing enough to ensure you have a bright future?

Not to unduly polarize, but there are those determined to succeed; and others- well they are just not interested and that is a bitter pill to swallow. Another acceptable truth is: we all grow up with dreams but only a few people get to see them come true. With that said, what are your chances…
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Do you know yourself?

We have heard the term “cultural dilution” many times but what does it really mean? It simply means that there is a form of compromise or slight changes to cultural norms. This is mainly due to evolution and the dominance of the westernized world. Lobola is a very well-known African concept; where the husband-to-be sends…
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Can love survive bad sex?

The one important question about this is “what Is BAD sex?” As all individuals are different you may find that for some it’s the strokes; the chemistry; maybe one partner is prone to coming faster than the other or there is a lack of orgasms. When it comes to love and sex the main objective…
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