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They come from a Christian background and have – in the eyes of society – been living a contradictory life since they have followed an artistic life whilst embracing the queer life. On some occasions, they have been classified as low-lives with no direction and sometimes also crazy.

Who are they you ask? Have you ever watched the movie Split? If not, let me break down the plot for you. Split is about a man who has multiple personalities and battles with each as they fight for the spotlight. Need I say more? I have a more interesting reality story about one individual who does not live as one person but has very peculiar characters within the shell you know as Lebo Mashifane.

Diverse is the main character in this life and is accompanied closely by Omang, who is quiet and always behind the scenes. Omang is not the only silent partner in this situation; there is also Tumi, who hasn’t been around in a while but has been recently discovered as a rapper. For every creative, there must be a way in which you show people the crazy and irrational side of you and Nthabiseng, who shows up roughly once a week is the lead on this one. Skhumbuzo comes with a surprise film script called Skhumbuzo.

We know who they are, so now we get to know what do they do? They are the big guns of the art industry. As a multi-disciplinary artist, from writing to photography; video editing; directing, and recently they discovered that they are performers. Writing and photography are the two main arts that are dominant in their life, however, since you can find yourself writing anywhere, they find that they identify more with writing as opposed to photography which sometimes requires you to have a certain scenery or even the right environment.

You see how someone can tell you that their inspiration comes from numerous omens, most of their art forms are triggered by an engagement with water. Yes, it could be a moment where they are washing dishes or even taking a bath or a drop of water from a leaking tap, anything. Maybe they are lowkey water benders. One of the greatest pieces they made was Se sepa sao tlhapa se fedile. A very basic concept that came about from different bathrooms starting with one that didn’t have a bar of soap. This concept is an ongoing project that could very well turn into a trademark. It also encompasses the concept of how you can wish to wash away mental and internal experiences, but unfortunately, there is no soap designed to wash those things.

Even though they are not alone because they have each other, they still sometimes find that being an artist can get lonely. The beautiful part about it is that it allows them to be themselves and even talk to each other. Regardless of what society deems as normal, talking to yourself is not wrong since this helps your creativity come to life. Counteracting this loneliness comes when everyone brings forth a story to tell about people or one specific person. The loneliness can be dangerous in instances where boredom and unproductivity creeps in and this sometimes leads to depression…… to be continued

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    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk determination outstanding post! .

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    This post is invaluable. When can I find out more?

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