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Feminism in the Household

Feminism in the Household

The feminist movement was started in the name of equality for both men and women in society, especially in the work place. The world would be a better place if both genders were treated and paid equally for the same job.

The question still rises whether this movement also applies in the household. For married women, there are certain expectations that you are required to live up to, just as much as there are expectations for a man in the household. Asking a man to wash the dishes; do the laundry; clean the house and cook, would be stepping over certain boundaries that a wife should not cross. This would be equivalent to asking a woman to fix a broken cupboard or the car when the brake pads have run their course. Not only that, but it would also come across as disrespectful, especially to an African man.

It is not disputed that both genders can do these things, but feminism should be left on the porch when it concerns the household. Women should allow men to willingly do some chores in the house without making it an expectation for equal rights.

By Rethabile Khunyeli

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