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Fitness is a lifestyle

Fitness is a lifestyle

One of the biggest most common questions I have gotten from people is “why do you gym?”. What people do not understand is that fitness for me is about nutrition; staying healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle mentally and physically takes precedence for me. Society has always ostracized gym and fitness as a tool for fat people to lose their unwanted weight. The reality is that it is for all body types; there are underweight people who can use the gym and eating right to gain the weight they need; there are people who are looking to maintain their athletic bodies and stay fit. For some like myself, we find that it enhances our mental capacity.

Why I chose this lifestyle: I got into the Herbalife lifestyle because I was seeking a healthy way to help my body reach its full potential. I have gained the type of weight I needed and now I love how I feel inside and out. At times people will have this misconception about why we gym: they think it is because we hate how we look but on the contrary, it is solely because we love ourselves enough. I try to refrain from using the words ‘gym or working out’ I like referring to it as therapy as it elevates my mental state while tuning my physique.

Fitness is not about perfection. It allows your body to tell you what it needs. At one point I remember lacking the self-confidence to be who I was meant to be because I did not know myself. I was drawn to what other people deemed as beauty and I tried to catch up.

Fitness is a choice; it is a lifestyle – just like being Vegan or Vegetarian. I watch what I put into my temple. I invest in the best nutrition for my well-being. As the world turns, we face different climates and social changes that if our physical selves do not catch up, we will slowly deteriorate into nothing. When I work out, I feel more alive; forgetting about everything that is or could be negative. know that it is ok to fall off the wagon sometimes because you will always come back stronger. Remember it is MIND over MATTER. What you put your mind to will yield the results you are looking for.

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