Hat-trick Hacks: Finance

While summer may have started off with a heat wave this year, there’s no reason to let your wallets sweat buckets as we prepare to bid 2018 a farewell. Putting aside the cliché of New Year’s resolution practice, improving your financial savyness is as important as breathing – what better way to start off the new year than with a solid budget plan?


  1. Get ‘em while they’re on sale’

This is a basic one: stock up on long-lasting essentials when wholesalers and retailers have a Sale. Toiletries, utensils and stationery are among the many non-expiring items you can stock up on at cheaper prices.


  1. Get used to delayed gratification

If you are like the average person, a large percentage of your money is most likely being used on unnecessary items of instant gratification. It’s time for a reality check, if you can’t properly budget for your desires, and stick to it with discipline, then you should consider cutting off useless things from your life.


  1. Take advantage of debt

This one is a little tricky to apply, but simple in concept: why save to buy yourself an additional income stream when you could take a loan and allow the stream to pay its own debt? Let’s say for example you want to purchase something that you can rent or use to offer a service; taking a loan to purchase that thing and allowing its use to pay off the loan may work out in the long-run. Real Estate or Day-to-Day services like trailer hiring, are one of the many ways to use debt to your advantage. Just make sure that your financial records are clean.

By Lebogang Mashego



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