I share everything I know

“Sharing is caring” a manipulative phrase often used when a friend takes out a pack of chips during the lunch break; honestly, it works like a charm just like the disperse of information. We live in an era where information is easily accessible through different mediums such as: radio, television and smartphones etc. It is almost impossible not to know about what is going on around the globe unless one is simply ignorant or illiterate. Most people, especially the youth make use of social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp and here, news travels faster than light. I myself have subscribed to a few current affairs sites and immediately when I turn on my mobile data I receive notifications about the latest news.  After reading these stories I can have informative conversations with my friends and family members. The beautiful thing about being informed is that when having debates with people about certain topics, the debates have substance and you can counter people’s opinions with credible facts.

I share everything I know: sports scores; transfer news from different football clubs around the country and internationally; the latest trends; when I receive relatable content from a church sermon I share it with friends and family members so that they too may be encouraged and inspired. I even share the latest songs and albums as I’m surrounded by people love music. I advise my friends about relationships, experiences I have had; I also share information about interesting books I have read and movies I have watched.

It is essential to know something about everything; knowledge is power. Sharing your knowledge is of utmost importance too because people can grow intellectually, and they are able to share the information with other people as well. It is a cycle that benefits everyone.

By Lethukukhanya Mlaba





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  • July 19, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Wish I knew more but I still can. Thanks for reminding me.


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