In the “beninging”: a tale of the 21st

Captain’s Log: entry No. 19

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, I’m sure you are familiar with what colonial European civilizations did to Africa, after learning of the continent’s seemingly infinite pool of natural resources. Long story short, they initiated what would become the largest movement in modern history; one that would shake the very foundation of what it means to be human.

In the 17th Century, colonists from the Netherlands ushered in a new dawn for Southern African inhabitants. Bringing with them fortunes that these inhabitants valued for their exotic properties, the Dutch settlers lived in relative harmony with many of the indigenous societies.

This harmony was short-lived due to the nature of greed humans have been suffering with for millennium. Fast forwarding through a few more colonial takeovers (by other European empires too), as well as a few landmark wars between the Europeans and Southern Africans, I now find myself witnessing the epoch of apartheid . . . it’s amazing what a group of foreign-bred politicians can do with a flag, an anthem and the means to implement mass segregation.



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