Is there really any good reason to cheat?

Infidelity is risky in many ways. if you look at it closely, it is also just unnecessary drama. Why do people still cheat then?

The truth in this matter is that you could be doing everything right, but your partner will still think about cheating on you. The biggest myth is that people cheat because they are not satisfied in their current relationships. You would even receive advice like, “compliment her everyday” or “give him good sex, and he will never cheat”. These are sadly not completely true.

Studies have shown that many people cheat because it is human nature to be curious or even greedy for more pleasure. Some people cheat to take a break from their current relationships. Infidelity is one of the most distressing things in a relationship, therefore it’s important to understand why lovers are motivated to cheat.

In an informal poll done with 10 people raging from 20 years old, results showed that seven out of 10 individuals who cheated had reasons that had nothing to do with their current partners. Common reasons were self-esteem problems for those who felt that cheating would validate their worth. Others felt uncertain about their partners, but instead of completely breaking up with them, they would try dating other people at the same time just to keep their options open.

Is there really any good reason to cheat?

Have you ever cheated? Why?

By Destiny Manda

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