Is this Career right for me?

This is always a very tricky question to answer for anyone belonging in the working class or still obtaining their degree. The big move from high school to university is always very exciting -if anything it is an achievement- as it is one step in the right direction to reaching ones’ goals. Often, people get to University with at least an idea of what they want to study.

Everyone’s journey is different. Some enter the work environment to discover years later that they are waking up every day to do something they hate. Others notice this in their second or third year of university. In the case of choosing a career, there can be one or more influences. An example is that you grew up in a household where both parents were business orientated, therefore this is where you also see yourself in the future. Another influence can be something as simple as passion.

Parents can be very strict when it comes to choosing a career. You find parents that tell their children what they should study. This is not a bad thing but also parents need to consider the fact that choosing a course for your child contributes a lot to the drop-out rates in Universities. The best solution in this case would be for both parties to sit down and discuss career options together. A gap year is not a bad idea if you are still unsure of your career path. You are most likely to discover your true calling by taking enough time to think and weigh your options about your studies.

By Rethabile Khunyeli

2 thoughts on “Is this Career right for me?

  • December 1, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    This is true, a good article that effectively captures the challenge of setting a proper foundation for adjustment to life after high school. It in turn captures a concept which is sorely not granted the attention it deserves, in doing so it highlights an issue in every individual’s lived experience. The livelihood of our entire nation/people stems from choosing a fitting and fulfilling career.

    I’d love to see this narrative gain prevalence in more social circles, whilst also giving attention to it’s introduction in early childhood development.


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