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Mawande Kheswa

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Mawande Kheswa

Mawandumusa Kheswa spent the early years of his childhood living with his mother in a township called Gamalakhe in Port Shepstone. He started out on television as an isiZulu News Anchor and research writer. This was where his love for storytelling and using imagery to drive a message came about, I’ve always had a love for photography, but I never really thought I’d pursue it.” He started shooting videos for himself in 2007 using a smartphone with imported parts to enhance the cameras abilities.

According to Mawande, – as he goes amongst his close circles-, His first love had always been soccer, and had he gotten the opportunity to re-live that dream he would choose it in a heartbeat. Seeing that he did not become the next Teko Modise, he has learned the valuable lesson about life that ‘not everything is in your control’. The best thing about Mawande right now is that he loves what he does and intends to stick to it for as long as he possibly can. I suppose this comes from the fact that every different project he takes on presents a different challenge hence even the techniques he uses are in place for exactly that. Constantly improving on the next project based on lessons from the previous.

”I am very proud of all of the projects I’ve done because they’ve helped me grow.”

With his videography and photography still being in their early stages of development, he promises that his best work is still to come. Of course, every artist never sees the full potential of their work, maybe you as a reader can decide for yourself how good he is by checking out his work on his social pages which he uses for business purposes.

When asked to rank his level of expertise, he was brutally honest that being a beginner does not give you the ‘Professional’ title. His take on big clients is that every client is a big client. Each client serves an important role in his career and dream. One of his career goals is to work with big names in the industry and start advertising his services. Even though that dream hasn’t manifested yet, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t done a lot. He has worked on documentaries, films, and other projects of the same caliber. The majority of his work is yet to be released because of the transition. “I don’t churn out content for the sake of flooding social media and chasing relevancy, I take my time learning and applying.” When asked his reasons for not exhibiting.

“One of my main career goals is to drive a film industry with an identity such as that of Nollywood. Through this I would be able to produce over 10 films per annum working with developing artists.”

Every form of art requires attention and understanding, Mawande has adequate knowledge of the arts and can produce content for other people, content for himself and can follow briefs like a charm. Of course, the road to knowledge never ends. His dream project involves him using his skills and resources to develop and produce talent. Whatever knowledge he has, he wants to use to better the lives of others by providing education, training, jobs, funding and other opportunities. He is a big dreamer since he doesn’t only dream for himself, but he does so for others too. As a long-term goal, he sees an academy that focuses on creative arts, specifically film, writing, acting, scoring and so forth. 20 years ago, I never thought I’d be on television or be in love with art, so the journey I am on is a journey set out by the higher powers that be. My job is to embrace it and give it my all.”

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