My writing is…

Everything to me. My sanity and craze; my life’s work and way of relaxing. Basically, I write anytime; anywhere and for any reason what-so-ever. When I am not writing my life still goes on and it provides new and exciting stories to tell – of course not everything will be told. Some things have to be left to the imagination or perfect timing.

As fate would have it, I was given this topic minutes after thinking of how little I wrote voluntarily. My earliest memory was of me jotting stuff about my crush in my mother’s old diary on New Year’s Eve. I would go into detail, but I have had many muses who each inspired some rather vivid delusions. Besides, my first real love has forever been the arts. Music and dance (and playing) contrasted the difficulties I withstood and caused unto others. However, I did not pursue those art disciplines and essentially lacked occupation. In high school, class was a bore until I matriculated, and writing became my daily bread.

The challenge of using varied words; finding unique angles and imparting new bits of information – is always welcome. It is how I thrive and to stay sharp. I “grind for the paper”. Money is always a great incentive to improve, otherwise I can never make a career of this and as such, the little things must count.

Being pedantic helps. Even my friendly chats have to be relatively written well. It comes with the need of always wanting to improve my skills. I am inspired by a lot of different things but more importantly by people, otherwise, I would not stress about my readership. I give my all to writing so readers trust me to always deliver.

Additionally, job security in writing is high; artificial intelligence will not tell human stories otherwise, our stories will lose authenticity. Human emotions, thoughts, and experiences can only be documented by other humans – with me being one of these esteemed people (yes!).


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  • July 18, 2019 at 3:32 am

    This is beautiful. I think writing keeps one’s sanity, when you have no one to talk to, you can always turn to pen and paper. I have recently talked to a young girl who was on the brink of ending her life, she believed nobody cared until she realized that a pen and paper can be a true friend wben no one else cares to listen. Thank you.


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