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No one is above the law

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No one is above the law

Amid the recent headlines on the news about our Former President, Jacob Zuma, refusing to serve his sentence as handed down by the Constitutional Court, for Contempt of Court, we had our fingers crossed, hoping for justice. While others may see this as a ploy against the former President, there are those that stand by the saying:

“No one is above the law!” 

Former President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa’s conviction came when he refused to appear before the Zondo Commission. In this commission, he had to answer for his actions while he was still in power. The commission serves to investigate allegations of state capture, corruption, fraud, and other allegations in the public sector in South Africa. This commission came to life during Former President Jacob Zuma’s Government in 2018.

In his own words he said: 

  • He has never refused to appear before the Zondo Commission.
  • South Africa is sliding back into Apartheid rule.
  • Zuma strongly made the point that he was convicted and sentenced before he could argue for mitigation of sentence
  • There is something wrong with our judiciary 
  • They never questioned why did I take the action. 

According to news outlets, the above allegations by the former President are untrue. It is said that even after numerous attempts were made to get the former President to give his views on the matter he still refused. He could not provide evidence for most of his allegations. Jacob Zuma has been fighting the system put in place by refusing to present himself before the commission. He tried to have Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo removed as the chairperson of the commission. 

Justice or?

This morning we woke up to the news that the former president has handed himself over to the correctional services. The correctional services at escort, KZN, where he was taken has says that “He has duly been assessed at the intake facility”. As much as this seems to be going the way a lot of people expected; is it all in the open or there is a sinister truth to his arrest. We will stay on top of this story to make sure that we deliver news that is accurate and comment that is fair.

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