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Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion

I go by the name Nomcebo Mbele also known to my closest friends as Cebo. I am a stylist and a fashion enthusiast. My interest in fashion started at a young age and intensified over the years as I was exposed to fast-paced fashion influencers which led my passion for fashion to new lengths. I find I am eager and hungrier to know more about the fashion industry now more than ever.

Styling to me is art; freedom of expressing who you are; what you are about without any fear or boundaries. It has given me the platform to let people discover more about themselves and show their true nature fearlessly through how they dress. It is liberation and the beauty of seeing one being fully able to show off who they are through fashion gives me joy.

There are different kinds of styles. Each emerges and disappears with time; however, there are four major categories that age like fine wine: casual wear; formal office wear; sportswear; and classic wear.

Casual wear translates styles with comfort. It is ideal for everyday wear which does not need too much effort. It includes clothing items such as denim jeans for laid back days. Sneakers and t-shirts for basic out and about days.

Formal office wear, however, is more professional as office life requires cleanliness and crisp outfits. It includes blazers, shirts, and ties with accessories like matching shoes to watches and briefcases.

Sportswear is worn mostly by sports enthusiasts during and after sports activities. These garments are specifically made to give safety measures and comfort during said activities. Here you find tracksuits, thermal vests, running shoes, and tights- not to forget those yoga pants that make heads turn when a young lady is rocking them.

Classic wear suggests elegance and stability. It includes more tailored and timeless pieces. Here you find straight solid and sometimes bold pretty prints that scream sophistication.

Looking back, you will find that the above-mentioned looks or styles have existed for many years and throughout that time people have played with these looks to suit the era they live in or the type of personality they possess. We, in this day and age still take inspiration from these styles as they continue to form part of major categories of fashion.

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