Our Services

Creating a movement for brands all around SA and beyond to showcase their products or services to the market.


Social Media Advertising

  • Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to create a base for awareness and interaction with the sole aim of building interest within the market.


Event Hype Creation

  • A specific social media advertising plan designed to aggressively build interest in the market towards a viral trend that penetrates the market and reaches


Event Coverage

  • Documentation of an Event using photography and Videography, capturing essential aspects and creating fresh vibey content.


Brand Activation

  • Building an interaction with your audience by bringing your brand to their doorstep to create awareness and capture the experience.


Movement Creation

  • A long-term Marketing & Advertising plan aimed at cementing a brand into the market by identifying suitable marketing and aggressively using unique strategies to penetrate and set roots.



Online Advertising

  • The use of Vibe SA website to have your articles and visuals showcased and seen by our diverse market.


Products and Services Catalog

  • A uniquely designed leaflet showcasing your products and services to the world, quick and easy.


Product Showcase

  • An exhibit to build brand awareness and identify potential stakeholders