Should ‘vat en sit’ still be a traditional crime

Living with a romantic partner out of wedlock has become increasingly common in our society. Cohabitation is a solution to those who cannot seem to get enough time for each other outside their busy life. It has served as an alternative for those who are not interested in marriage at the time.

A few of reasons for that would be because couples might want to share expenses because dating can be expensive. For people who usually travel between two places to spend a reasonable amount of time together, it is bound to get tiring. Moving in together would reduce the travelling; rent; and grocery expenses.
Many conventional parents would be shell-shocked if you would announce you are going to cohabit. This is because ‘vat en sit’ was and in some parts still considered a crime against tradition. In the old ways, the ideal set up would be the man marrying the woman before they move into their new home. It was easier to follow these customs back then because nobody was in an economic war in a fast-paced world.

According to clinical psychologist Dr Rakgadi Mokoena, “couples who cohabit have a better sex life than married couples.” She suggests that this could be because, “marriage comes with many obligations and sex tends to take the backseat.” She also mentioned that, “moving in together is not always a step in the right direction.”

Is this reason enough to justify the forbidden ‘vat en sit’?

By Destiny Manda

One thought on “Should ‘vat en sit’ still be a traditional crime

  • November 29, 2018 at 9:32 am

    As someone who once shared the old sentiment of ‘vat en sit’ being taboo, I can say that you lay a very compelling argument for it being a good idea in the 21st century. Very well written and thought-provoking arguments. And well done for getting me here.


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