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Slim’s Corner

On the surface

“where is your decanter, asked my class teacher?”

The one question that’s engraved to my art no matter where I go. I have always loved make up and I never thought it would one day turn into a passion or even more a business.
My name is Zandile Ngwenya and I am 26 years of age. I group in the central Johannesburg with dreams to become a public worker. I love art, dancing, museums and exploring; but never did I ever think I’d have never thought of working in the beauty industry or even have anything to do with it, but God has other plan.

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Healthy living

What are you 
putting into your body?

If you had to search the net right now you will find that processed food is defined by many as food that has gone through various stages of transformation or preservation. Furthermore, you will find it comes in a form of container; be it a can, a box or even a plastic. Taking note of said products, each one comes with ingredients that can be artificial or sometimes partially natural. 

In reality, there is no way one can avoid eating processed food products as they are by far the leading and easily accessible food sources on the earth. As individuals we find ourselves shopping for food and not taking into account what we are piutting in our trolly solomely because its food we have been fed since we were infants. We find ourselves buying a packet of mixed veggies and seeing a problem with is as if it were natural veggies. 

We are so brainwashed into thinking that we are eating healthy foods when we buy things like whole wheat bread or low fat milk. The choices were never ours to make in the first place; they have made hard and even more expensive for one to grow their own nutritional food to a point where we become dependent on eating whats on the shelf more than what comes from the earth. 


The Secret of Success

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