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Street fashion “City streets are the real runway”

Street fashion “City streets are the real runway”

Street fashion or street style as some may call it is exactly as the name suggests; it is fashion that has evolved from the streets and not from runways or fashion designers. It is famously known amongst the youth and is growing immensely from the streets to the runway; Street fashionistas have a saying “This is how we fully express ourselves without any boundaries.” Street fashion covers not just one style but a range of styles which makes it more interesting to observe! 

Below are pictures of street fashion influences who will give us a glimpse of their style and explain to us what street fashion means to them and how has it influenced their day to day life.

Street fashion means “see beneath you are beautiful “ it allows me to express how I feel inside with the rest of the world, it gives me no restrictions as to how I should match what with what, I just do me the best way I know how – @thato_teetee

Street fashion is a breath of fresh air. I take inspiration from all generations from the 70,s to the 90,s  and wear it in my own special way. I thrift some of my clothes and make them relevant to this day and age on the streets. My motto is “ it don’t matter how much it costs but how you put it together “ -@ siippie_

I would probably be dead if I was basic. I’m different and it shows in my choice of clothing. Street style has given me the freedom to inspire and be influential to others’ – @khanye_95

Street fashion is art; it allows one to play around with imagination and come up with magic. street fashion is a mood changer – @thandow_mbele 

Your dress code should define you so try out some new styles and warm up to them by knowing what they mean to you and your identity. Make walking down the street feel like the paparazzi is watching you. Remove the stigmas and dress for your body and social needs.

by Nomcebo Mbele

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