The Naked Truth

Mirror, mirror on the wall…. Who’s the fairest of them all? It’s quite fascinating how a mere object, created by man himself, has the ability to distort our perception of beauty. How this mere object, made of glass, has the ability to dictate our imperfection. How this mere object has the ability to have one caught up in the realm of attaining perfection. But truth be told, this mere object has no such abilities, for such abilities have been bestowed by man alone.

Indeed it is unfortunate that society has created a monster. A monster in which seeks to attain superficial validation.

Therefore, it begs the question if man has truly forgotten who he is? And thus, one could deduce that man has forgotten that he is a divine creation. A creation, of which was created by the most High and prestigious. I choose to celebrate my body. I choose to celebrate its prestigious divinity. I choose to celebrate its so-called flaws in its NAKED STATE.

For naked I was born in this world! And naked shall I leave this world! And that ladies and gentlemen is my BARE truth!!!

By @_itsvoni




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