The Power of the mind

Do you really know what your brain is capable of? I’m not just talking about everyday problem solving, or even a million-dollar idea. Rather, I’m referring to something that many people dismiss as a fairy-tale or the birth child of superstition. In truth, it is as real as the hair on your arm. The supernatural has been a hotly debated topic for as long as mankind has been able to scientifically explain the extraordinary. But I’m not here to tell you about paranormal activity (pun intended). I’d like to take this chance to grant you a bit of knowledge about the art of meditation.

Many people wrongfully assume that meditation is just another distressing technique, or a breath control exercise; this assumption is like using a car for the sole purpose of listening the radio. While stress relief may be an outcome, it is nowhere close to the true purpose of the art. Meditation -while simple in concept- is as complicated as quantum physics. It is a practice which has granted those on spiritual journeys the ability to reach enlightenment. It allows those who harnesses its potential to sync their physical and spiritual bodies with their minds.

It is the catalyst for a calm state of mind; a soundproofing apparatus which helps muffle all the noise the world bombards us with so that we may listen to our souls – plus, it’s a really useful alternative to sleeping pills. 20 minutes of meditation everyday might just keep the doctor away.

By Lebogang Mashego


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