The storm’s aftermath From Hlaudi to a heat wave

The aftermath of any storm is never pleasant – while the US has recovered from the damage hurricane Katrina caused, the SABC is still suffering from the after-effects of cyclone Hlaudi. Hundreds of jobs are at risk due to a R3.1bn salary bill which will see the SABC emerge from the storm only to face a heat wave like none other.


For years the public broadcaster has been living with a slow-spreading disease of its own making. Going from one bad decision to the next, the corporation has been a breeding ground for corruption and fraud. The fruits of its sleazy seeds have culminated – and it’s looking bleak to say the least.

This infection was caused by several factors: costly policies, irregular expenditures and irresponsible management are only a few among the sea of problems the SABC is plagued with. As a result, the broadcaster may be forced to proceed with its retrenchment plan as early as December – this will see an upwards of 800 job losses. With an estimated figure of over 1000 personnel in management positions, the SABC needs to start cutting from the top. 70% of revenue is spent on salaries and wages, whereas it should be only 50%.

This is a result of two things: the first is the unjustified millions SABC executives earn yearly, while the second is the hundreds of employees who were given jobs and management positions through favours without earning them. It’s out from under the storm and into the fire for the SABC . . . the irony.


By Lebogang Mashego


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