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Two thousand and twenty years later

Two thousand and twenty years later

Guess what! We are at it again. A new year that brings new possibilities. It is fortunate that so many of us have the privilege to see it, however, we are unsure of how many will survive it. Think about it this way, when has time ever been anyone’s friend? You may think you have all the time in the world at times but soon it all seems to fade away. Remember that very good day you had not so long ago, and you thought it would last for a very long time? Do you remember how fast it ended and all you were left with was just a memory?

It’s the new year yes but are you the same person you were just a few months ago or you still have some stuff to work out about yourself. Like Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) said, “Are you a different animal and the same beast?” I will tell you a story, it’s slightly unorthodox; it’s just a sweet piece of work I’m about to make up.

“once upon a time……… (laughs) nope! This is not those kinds of stories. Meet Sugar, a young woman living in the city with friends surrounding her at every corner. Sugar met Tea through a friend who she knew from another friend Spoon. Upon meeting each other the pair found that they were compatible, but soon they will discover just how bad they were for each other. The first few encounters with each other the pair were inseparable. They did everything together; they made memories together and were by far the perfect combo, what could go wrong? Sugar was having such a great time with Tea that she minimized the number of friends she had. First, she stopped coming to parties she was invited to then she stopped making invites for her friends to come to her. Think about it from her point of view, if she didn’t go to their parties, why would they come to hers? To top it off she had seemed to have lost her edge. From being a sweet person to being dull and boring. The thing is, she was happy with Tea but not so happy with everyone else unless it was conditional; like the meet and greet with cake or biscuit.

Tea did not seem to have a problem with any of this. He still maintained his steam and sweetness and continued to warm other people up wherever he went. He had all the life he could offer, and I suppose that is how Sugar managed to stay happy around him. Here is something that was wrong though, Sugar was losing her sweetness because she was constantly sweetening someone else’s life. Although she met other people along the way it seemed that the bond between her and tea was unbreakable. Overtime she faded away into limbo and Tea was left behind with no zest to keep going as when he had no Sugar in his life no one seemed to like him much. People started avoiding him and spitting him out because he had no sweetness to him; all that was left was bitterness.

The moral of the story is: don’t be sugar and don’t be tea either; just have a cup of coffee!

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