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Feminism in the Household

The feminist movement was started in the name of equality for both men and women in society, especially in the work place. The world would be a better place if both genders were treated and paid equally for the same job. The question still rises whether this movement also applies in the household. For married…
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The Cycle That Never Ends

There’s a lingering bleakness in how some South Africans — mainly those of colour — waste knowledge only on survival rather than security and continuity. They are unfortunate victims to vicious cycles of misfortunes in which the “family first” motto, and obligation thereof, has challenging consequences. It is shocking how people are aware of the…
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Black Tax

Black tax, White privilege Our Rainbow Nation is divided by a barrier as rigid as the Berlin Wall, built by past horrors and fueled by the false sense of progression that politicians thrive to paint in the media. The reality of the divide is too evident to ignore in the sense that it relates to…
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