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Two thousand and twenty years later

Guess what! We are at it again. A new year that brings new possibilities. It is fortunate that so many of us have the privilege to see it, however, we are unsure of how many will survive it. Think about it this way, when has time ever been anyone’s friend? You may think you have…
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Since the beginning of time women have always been told what to do and how to dress. Luckily, we live in an era where we have stripped oppressors of that right and now, we dress how we like; we go where we want and do what we love. Nothing beats having to show off my…
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It is always after the sweetest of the darkest cups of coffee that my mind is all puzzled and running around in the most of beautiful maze. A maze filled with treasures only the gods can give to the next. One that is only created by dreams and imagination. It is always after such a…
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They come from a Christian background and have – in the eyes of society – been living a contradictory life since they have followed an artistic life whilst embracing the queer life. On some occasions, they have been classified as low-lives with no direction and sometimes also crazy. Who are they you ask? Have you…
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Girl Power

When we look at how our country has been hit with various issues that threaten the safety of women, we all want to have something to say about it but how many of us are willing to take a stand and speak up publicly? Meet 22-year-old Rebaone Notoane, from Taung in the North West Province…
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