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From Mayhem to a Masterpiece: a tale of the 21st

Humans have from the dawn of civilization survived the cruelties of nature through unity and instinctual compassion. This compassion is the birth-child of the understanding that humans have for one another, the understanding of the beauty and prosperity that can be achieved through the art of nurturing and mutual preservation. On the 21st March 1960,…
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The aftermath: a tale of the 21st

Captain’s Log: entry No. 21 Following the events of March 21st, 1960, South Africa was flung into more uncertainty as local and international pressure increased around the fortress the NP had built for itself. The following week saw mass demonstrations by tens of thousands of disgruntled black South Africans, leading to a state of emergency…
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The massacre: a tale of the 21st

Captain’s Log: entry No. 20 About 12 years after the National Party (NP) implemented the inhuman laws known today as apartheid, they were finally able to improve the crown jewel in their arsenal: the pass laws. In the late 1960s, the NP, under the leadership of Hendrick Verwoerd, managed to enforce the already existing pass…
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In the “beninging”: a tale of the 21st

Captain’s Log: entry No. 19 Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, I’m sure you are familiar with what colonial European civilizations did to Africa, after learning of the continent’s seemingly infinite pool of natural resources. Long story short, they initiated what would become the largest movement in modern history; one that…
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Intro: a tale of the 21st

Captain’s Log: entry No. 18 As I travel through the abyss of eternity, I have found myself stranded in a narrow place within the Time-Space Continuum which . . . right, I’m losing you. Let’s make this simple: my time machine is glitching and now I’m forced to observe the cruelties of a pre-democratic South…
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