Why not be stupid in making life decisions?

My all-time favourite comedic actor, Jim Carrey, once joked: “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” How laced with honesty, as all the best jokes are. Basically, if the male is the head then his lady slaps sense back into it.

But as young people out in the world, we don’t always have someone to guide us safely to where we’re destined to be. Even Mama’s words of advice are drowned out by the voluminous bustle found in urban areas. The quiet in villages can also be loud, birthing long-lost sons and daughters who flee home on impulse, in pursuit of more in cities.

The desire for a sense of belonging and self-worth can force you in one of two directions: forward or backward. And desire is a strong feeling, that leads to thoughtless acts that have a positive or an undesired outcome. For example, someone who has unprotected sex, is well aware of the probable implications but proceeds anyway. A brave act, nonetheless.

Let’s change scenarios: someone quits a well-paying job to pursue a career in the arts. This may prove disastrous, or life-changing. Remember, success stories of realizing the evasive dream are only related by a few; and not everyone can say the same. How many people actually make it? As they envisioned? Do not take this out of context, and as cold, but the world is cut-throat.

To survive, many people resort to making wise, safe decisions – and that’s totally understandable. Especially if past mistakes and dire straits prompt such choices. But… should being realistic come at the expense of your dreams? Black Coffee stated, “Every dream is valid,” after winning the coveted international Best Deep House DJ award in Ibiza. Was it a “stupid” decision to mix songs with just one functioning arm?


by Tshepiso Kgotlhe

One thought on “Why not be stupid in making life decisions?

  • June 24, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    This is actually one of the biggest challenges for many of us Americans; although our positive words and vibes may be 100% sincere, because they often lack cynicism, the French think we re either stupid, or lying.


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